TV Barrandov in Crisis: Unpaid Employees and Poor Working Conditions Revealed

TV Barrandov in Crisis: Unpaid Employees and Poor Working Conditions Revealed

TV Barrandov is going through rough times and has some explaining to do, as found out. According to his information, around thirty editors and other employees of TV Barrandov, headed by Jaromir Soukup. There are several reasons. First of all, the company owes them money, as the former television employee stated.

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“Soukup never pays the cutters, who are external employees. I don’t know a single editor who would have been paid normally, or, God forbid, still on time for the entire period of TV Barrandov’s operation.” Barbora Poláková, who worked at TV Barrandov in the daily broadcast program department for three years, stated for the above-mentioned server.

Last but not least, according to Poláková, employees work in an unsatisfactory environment. What do you imagine under that? For example, missing toilet paper or working in an unheated area. “People are an absolute blessing to Mr. Soukup. But toilet paper is not the only thing. Maybe it didn’t even heat up there in the winter. No one knew why. It was December, bitterly cold, and there was no heating on Barrandova. In the end, the superiors downplayed it by joking that we would take more sweaters and run around the building.” Poláková shocked with another statement.

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But it seems that only employees who don’t flash themselves on cameras had to face bad conditions at the workplace. It is said that the stars of the shows do not have to deal with these inconveniences. “When Agáta (38) came, she got everything that belonged to her. Although the company had no money for anything, Mrs. Hanychová got a car, a bodyguard, and even a make-up artist, as she said she would. He obviously has his personal money, and it is possible that he transfers it variously between companies.” Poláková added even more fuel to the fire. Jaromír Soukup has not yet issued any statement in connection with this case and does not comment on serious accusations.

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