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On the air of the program “Let’s get married!” a groom named Ivan chose one of the three brides, however, leading Larisa Guzeeva canceled the results of the show. In the friend of the man Olga, who came to support him on the transfer, Guzeeva discovered his former lover and strongly recommended that they return the relationship. The air recording is published on YouTubechannel of the program.

At the end of the program, Ivan went to the studio with one of the brides, but Guzeeva categorically declared that they were not a couple. “You went out with the one that Olga approved. Olga sat here with tears in her eyes, ”the presenter noted.

Guzeeva asked the hero’s girlfriend whether they are a couple with Ivan. “Are you fighting for Ivan? Do you want to return it? ” – Specified the host, and then recommended acting. After filming, the woman admitted in the dressing room that perhaps she was still hoping for something.

Earlier extravagant guest of the program “Let’s get married!” named Yuri deprived Guzeev speechless. He came to the show for the third time and, greeting the hosts, actively gestured and shouted words out loud. Guzeeva silently shot what was happening on her cell phone, and then added that she was “barely getting around” after his last visit.

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