Turris-Picerno Match: Live Updates and Highlights – September 25th, 2023

Turris-Picerno Match: Live Updates and Highlights – September 25th, 2023

The Turris-Picerno match on Monday 25 September live: the visiting attacker scored in the 5th and 37th minutes of the first half and in the 23rd minute of the second half

TORRE DEL GRECO – Monday September 25th it will be staged at the Amerigo Liguori stadium The towerPicernomatch valid for the fifth day of Group C Serie C 2023-2024: kick-off at 8.45pm. On the one hand, Bruno Caneo’s team is fresh from an away draw with Messina (3-3) after three victories against Sorrento (3-2), Crotone (2-3) and Benevento (3-1). On the other hand, however, Emilio Longo’s men who so far have suffered only one defeat on the pitch of Catania (2-0), a draw with Taranto (1-1) and brought home two victories with Giugliano (4- 0) and Virtus Francavilla (0-1). The precedents between the two teams in Campania smile on the Lucanians: two victories (including one by 0-5), a draw and a defeat. The meeting was directed by Luca De Angeli from the Milan section assisted by assistants Francesco Romano from Isernia and Giacomo Bianchi from Pistoia. Fourth Officer: Gabriele Restaldo from Ivrea.

Highlights of the match


TURRIS: Fasolino G., Cocetta N., Miceli M., Frascatore P., Cum G., Scaccabarozzi J. (from 27′ st Pugliese S.), Franco D. (from 32′ st Matera A.), Contessa S ., Giannone L. (from 21′ st De Felice F.), Maniero R. (from 21′ st Pavone F.), Nocerino L. (from 32′ st D’Auria G.). Available: Iuliano A., Pagno A., Burgio R., Example S., Guida A., Maestrelli A., Musumeci M., Primicile A.

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PICERNO: Merelli D., Novella M., Allegretto A., Garcia R., Guerra W., De Ciancio R., Gallo A. (from 33′ st Pitarresi F.), Vitali P., Albadoro D. (from 27 ′ st Ciko S.), De Cristofaro A. (from 41′ st Savarese M.), Murano J. (from 33′ st Diop A.). Available: Esposito A., Summa E., Biasiol E., Ceccarelli T., Esposito E., Gilli M., Graziani V., Santarcangelo A.

Goals: at 10′ pt Cocetta N. (Turris), at 5′ pt Murano J. (Picerno), at 37′ pt Murano J. (Picerno), at 23′ st Murano J. (Picerno).

Yellow cards: at 35′ st Pugliese S. (Turris) at 42′ st Merelli D. (Picerno).

Turris – Picerno official lineups

TURRIS (3-4-3): Fasolino; Cocetta, Miceli, Frascatore; Cum, Scaccabarozzi, Franco, Contessa; Giannone, Maniero, Nocerino. Available: Guadagno, Pagno, Example, D’Auria, Guida, De Felice, Maestrelli, Pavone, Primicile, Matera, Musumeci, Burgio, Pugliese. Trainer: Bruno Caneo.

PICERNO (4-3-3): Merelli; Novella, Allegretto, Garcia, Guerra; De Cristofaro, Gallo, De Ciancio; Vitali, Murano, Albadoro. Available: Esposito A., Summa, Piterrasi, Ceccarelli, Esposito E., Gilli, Santarcangelo, Ciko, Biasol, Savarese, Diop, Graziani. Trainer: Emilio Longo.

Presentation of the match

QUI TURRIS – Frascatore, Miceli and Cocetta will be in defense of Fasolino. In midfield Scaccabarozzi and Matera with Contessa and Cum on the left and right respectively. The offensive trident Nocerino-Maniero-Giannone goes forward.

PICERNO HERE – Summa between the posts, Guerra and Pagliai on the side lanes with Garcia and Allegretto at the center of the defense. Gallo and De Ciancio in the midfield while Ceccarelli, Albadoro and Graziani up front support the lone striker Diop.

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The probable lineups of Turris – Picerno

TOWER (3-4-3): Fasolino; Frascatore, Miceli, Cocetta; Contessa, Matera, Scaccabarozzi, Cum; Nocerino, Maniero, Giannone. Trainer: Bruno Caneo

PICERNO (4-2-3-1): Summa; Guerra, Garcia, Allegretto, Pagliai; Gallo, De Ciancio; Ceccarelli, Albadoro, Graziani; Diop. Trainer: Emilio Longo

Where to watch the match on TV and streaming

The match will be visible live and exclusively on Sky Sport, on channel 256 of the television broadcaster. Furthermore, the match will also be available on Sky Go, the platform available on smartphones and tablets for all subscribers. Another NOW TV option.

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