Turns out it wasn’t Iqbal, the perpetrator of Jessica’s harassment, but this middle-aged man, the bond of love January 23, 2021

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Serial drama Love Bond January 23, 2022 tell the story of the perpetrators of abuse Jessica 7 years ago.

Previously, Andin and Aldebaran who was having lunch in a cafe suddenly met with Irvan and Jessica.

Irvan and Jessica previously had just carried out the investigation process at the Praja Lima police station.

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Jessica came as a witness in the case of the alleged mastermind behind the abuse carried out by Mama Rosa.

Nevertheless, Jessica who are still innocent provide information that makes Irvan frown.

Jessica testified honestly about the situation of Denis Setiano in the past.

In fact, when the police asked about whether Jessica believe it or not Mama Rosa who masterminded Denis Setiano, Jessica even denied it.

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