Turned Toyota RAV4 for the Celestial Empire made “wild” and cheaper

Toyota RAV4 “cloned” for China, having received a new model, which is already taking orders.

In the Chinese market, the Dolly Sheep, which debuted back in November 2019, will be officially launched in the cross-version Toyota Wildlander, for which dealers of the Celestial Empire have already begun accepting orders.

The model is interesting in that it is a “clone” of the current fifth generation of the Toyota RAV4 crossover that has already become legendary, the assembly of which has been established both in Russia and in China for the local market. The new RAV4, despite the cost in Russia of almost 1.8 million rubles (and the upper limit exceeds 2.75 million rubles), shows promising sales. The new RAV4 even broke the record of previous generations.

However, one RAV4 for a huge Asian country, apparently, was not enough, and against the background of a considerable number of competitors in the form of the Chinese super premium and “VAGs”, Toyota decided to expand the range, at least to make it visible – everything is like the Chinese love. The solution is to offer Toyota RAV4 once again, but under a different “sauce” – in a re-form, with a different name (Wildlander) and at a slightly cheaper price. Again, according to the “Chinese tradition.”

Toyota Wildlander, which will cost in China under the equivalent of 1.546 million rubles (170 thousand yuan) with RAV4, has a common “truck” and an identical “filling” (2-liter 171-horsepower gasoline engine or 2.5-liter 222-horsepower hybrid with a variator). Four-wheel drive options for DTC, DTV and E-Four. The difference in appearance is visible in other bumpers, lights and decorative overlays, wheel design, while in size and interior they are twin cars.

The “wild” and slightly cheaper option will be produced at the Toyota GAC ​​facilities, while the well-known Ravchik will continue to roll off the FAW Toyota conveyor. In the foreseeable future, Wildlanher is not planned to be launched on the world stage. However, this does not make much sense either.

Sasha Sedova

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