Turkish Sexy Selebgram Threatened With Imprisonment Post Obscene Content Only To Fans On IG


Selegram The Turkish branch, Merve Taskin, was taken to court in his country and threatened with imprisonment. Because she was believed to have violated obscenity laws after sharing some content Only fans his to Instagram and earned the ire of local netizens.

This isn’t the first time Taskin has run into the law. Last year he was given a five-month suspended sentence for taking photographs at the Amsterdam Sex Museum, which authorities deemed “obscene” when he returned to Turkey.

And now the celeb who has more than 576,000 Instagram followers says she was summoned to court on Jan. 12.

“The court decision was made under the banner of obscenity because I shared OnlyFans photos on my Instagram account. Congratulations to those who reacted, you have achieved your goal”. Taskin said quoted by Yahoo News.

“If I go to jail on January 12, those who use social media can say goodbye to their freedom because, of course, your post will be considered an obscene crime in our country (because it’s an open topic) and you will be tried like me,” he said. wrote on Twitter. “I’m still using my OnlyFans account and I’m not thinking about closing it.”

Merve Taskin, a Turkish celebrity who is threatened with imprisonment because OnlyFans posted obscene content on Instagram. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope

The 24-year-old woman went on trial in December last year for obscene photos taken at the Amsterdam Sex Museum and Red Light District as she traveled to the Netherlands to celebrate her 22nd birthday in January 2020.

At the Amsterdam Sex Museum, she took several funny photos and uploaded them to Instagram, such as hugging a giant penis statue and making it look like she was naked behind a window.

Several months ago, how surprised Taskin was when he received a summons to appear before the court in Istanbul in Turkey. She will face lawsuits over his photographs of her while she is at the Amsterdam Sex Museum in the Netherlands.

Taskin admitted that at the time he uploaded several photos just to “joke around”. She also made many funny posts and tweets while in the museum.

Merve Taskin, a Turkish celebrity who is threatened with imprisonment because OnlyFans posted obscene content on Instagram.Merve Taskin first made headlines last year when he was arrested for taking lewd photos while on vacation in Amsterdam. Photo: Newsflash/Australscope

This beautiful model has no other purpose or motivation than to have fun and be funny. However, law enforcement in Turkey disagreed with Taskin.

However, according to Turkish law, uploading pornographic content can be considered a crime. Anyone who loads it can be fined or even jailed for up to three years.

The court initially sentenced Taskin to six months in prison. However he was reduced to five months for good behavior, and then suspended.

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