Turkish Mohamed revealed why Rayados is not in the Cup for Mexico

The Cup for Mexicoor, a friendly contest held by the MX League, will have the participation of the four greats of Mexico, in addition to Tigers, but Rayados will not be present. Undoubtedly, something striking considering that it was put together to include the best teams and raise funds in the fight against coronavirus.

Antonio Mohamed went through the microphones of Fox Sports and explained that the absence of the care of the Covid-19 and due to the concerns of the lack of soccer that the team has for the number of months without games against other teams, confirmed that they will play a friendly match 10 days before the beginning of official competition.

“We believe that we will arrive in optimal conditions because it will be six weeks of work. Yes, I think that playing next week is a bit risky, we are going to wait to compete with other rivals, at least, on July 10 or 14”, he began saying in Monterrey coach, when questioned about the Cup by Mexico.

Due to the world situation that exists, it is normal to be afraid of contagion. On that, the Turk explained: “They were stages. When we communicated via Zoom or worked from the houses there was little information, fear of returning. As the days passed, the desire and uncertainty grew. When they were told that we were going to do studies, they were already a little more motivated and now we are working accordingly, with much respect and understanding that we are going to have to live with this virus. ”

Rayados had a few months to forget after being champion at the Azteca Stadium, although Mohamed trusts his managers: “We have a great team, the team is preparing well and we are looking forward to arriving in perfect condition”, culminated.



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