Turkish cargo ship sinks near Mariupol after shelling


The Bulgarian ship “Tsarevna” is located in the area.

A Turkish civilian ship sank in the port of Mariupol after it was fired at with rockets on Monday night, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported. This is confirmed by Kyiv and the authorities in Donetsk. The injured ship is Turkish, but operates under the flag of the Dominican Republic. The ship with Bulgarian crew “Tsarevna” is also located in the port of Mariupol. Relatives of the sailors said last week that the crew’s supplies were running low.

“During the night of another shelling of the long-suffering Mariupol, the enemy hit a civilian ship flying the flag of the Dominican Republic, which was located on one of the quays. This caused a fire in the engine room. One crew member was injured. “, said the State Border Service of Ukraine. The report said the fire, a destroyed bridge and one injured.

Maritime border guards provided timely assistance to the wounded and evacuated the crew to a safe place, according to the Ukrainian side. The fire continues and the ship sinks, as it cannot be saved due to the constant shelling in the area.

The Deputy Chief of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin also confirmed what had happened. However, he denied that it was Russia’s fault. According to him, it is a provocation of the Ukrainians who control the port, and the ship is heavily smoked. “We do not rule out that Ukrainian nationalists have begun destroying foreign ships along with their crews and blaming Russian troops,” Basurin was quoted as saying by the Free Press.

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There were 12 people on board the damaged ship “Azburg”. They are Ukrainians, one of whom is a woman. He arrived from Bourgas to Mariupol on February 23.

Meanwhile, yesterday before the incident, Rumen Radev addressed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a request for coordinated actions for the evacuation of Bulgarian and Turkish sailors to Ukraine. There are still two Bulgarian ships – “Rozhen” in the Black Sea near the town of Chernomorsk and “Tsarevna” in the Sea of ​​Azov near Mariupol, where the shelled “Azburg” is located.

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