Turki Al-Sheikh publishes a video that Maradona sent him and responds to critics of his personal life

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, responded to what is circulating on social networking sites of criticism of the personal life of the Argentine football star, Diego Maradona.

This came in a tweet by the Sheikh’s family, in which he said: “Whoever sits criticizing the personal life of our people !!! You are against him in the stadium! I know when we respect the privacy of people and their personal life … My private life is mine and I have a God who will hold me accountable for it! Muhammad Abdo and Muhammad Abdel Wahab are legends that will not be repeated! ”

In a separate tweet, Al Sheikh posted a video clip of Maradona in 2018, commenting on it: “Goodbye, my friend … The last time I saw you in Russia 2018 and promised me to visit me in the Kingdom! Goodbye, the greatest of playing football … Goodbye, who influenced my generation … Goodbye Diego .. Football after you is tasteless. Today I am sad. I was talking with you 4 months ago on the idea of ​​Netflix … and I was happy! Goodbye Diego. “

Matthias Mora, Maradona’s lawyer, had revealed to CNN that his client had died as a result of a “heart failure”, and that Maradona passed away at the age of 60 years, saying: “See you soon, my friend. Bye, Commander, I will miss you,” he wrote on his page on the website. Twitter.


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