Turkey urges Iran to clarify attack on Azerbaijani embassy – EADaily, January 28, 2023 – Politics News, Caucasus News

Turkey expects Iran to clarify all the circumstances of the armed attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran as soon as possible. This was announced today, January 28, by the Anadolu agency.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu stated:

“It is important to determine who is behind this crime.”

The minister recalled that terrorist attacks against various diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan abroad have been recorded recently:

“There were two incidents in Paris. Also, the illegal actions of radical Armenians were recorded in Lebanon. Another group of radicals entered the territory of the Azerbaijani embassy in London. Finally, yesterday’s terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran.”

Cavusoglu emphasized the importance of clarifying the full picture of the “bloody attack” in Tehran and expressed hope for “sincere cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan”:

“We expect neighboring Iran to clarify the reasons and customers of this terrorist attack, whether they are individuals or groups. All information should be transferred to the Azerbaijani side. We consider this important. All those involved must be brought to justice.”

Cavusoglu reiterated:

“Azerbaijan has never been and will never remain alone!”

Agency EADaily recalls that on Friday, January 27, an armed attack was made on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran. As a result of the attack, the head of the embassy security was killed and 2 guards were wounded.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev called the incident a “terrorist attack”, and the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry announced plans to evacuate employees and family members of the diplomatic mission in Tehran.

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