Turkey finally admits it has tested Russia’s S-400 missile system


ANKARA – Defense Minister Turkey Hulusi Akar finally admitted that Ankara had conducted tests S-400 missile defense system artificial Russia at Sinop. According to him, the test of this advanced defense weapon had been scheduled according to the contract.

“Every purchase contract craves a test. This is part of the acquisition program, it’s purely a technical activity,” Akar said in his interview. NTV which is quoted Sputniknews, Thursday (22/10/2020).

Previous Turkish media reports said the test of the S-400 missile system took place on Friday last week. (Read: The US was angry that Turkey tested the Russian S-400 missile system)

Moscow and Ankara signed a deal in 2017 for the delivery of the S-400 systems. In 2019, Turkey received several S-400 batteries worth $ 2.5 billion.

Minister Akar did not confirm whether the weapons test was successful or not. However, the Russian media specializes in military matters; Avia.pro, reported that the test had failed.

“The first military use of the S-400 missile defense system by the Turkish army failed,” wrote Avia.

Videos published by Turkey show the missile did indeed launch from the S-400 missile system, but ended up not far from the launch site. (Read: Russian Media: Turkey’s S-400 Missile System Tests Failed)

Experts quoted by Avia said there was no video showing the moment the missile fired by the S-400 hit its target, nor did the warhead explode.

“Ankara has not made any official statement about the rocket launch so far, but what is most surprising is that although the targets used, according to local media, are for the S-400s to be true ones, nowhere do they appear in the sky, even if there are no clouds. “continued the review Avia.

“According to experts, the S-400 system can only be tested on missiles or fighter jets, and not on drone small. The absence of a flight trail, the absence of a missile explosion and the straight path of the missile is worrying, “the Russian media report added. (Also read: US urges Turkey to withdraw Russian deployed S-400 missile systems)

Last week, the United States strongly condemned Turkey’s test of the S-400 defense system after a video began circulating in Turkish media showing traces of a missile launch in the city of Sinop.



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