Turin, at five years old, launches a few months’ kitten from the balcony: the poor animal does not survive – La Stampa

TORINO. A five-year-old boy threw his few-month-old kitten from the balcony of his home in Via Borgaro. Unfortunately the puppy did not make it and after one night in the hospital she died of the serious fractures that pierced her lungs.
Meanwhile, controversy broke out on social media and parents were insulted by numerous users. Spoken by some neighbors, the boy’s mother had tried to stop him by telling him not to, but the kitten was already wanted down.
Volunteers from the Sfigatte association who baptized the Miracle kitten also intervened on the matter, in the hope that they would save themselves: «Yet another innocent victim – they say – of human irresponsibility and insensitivity. We will take the necessary measures to ensure that these negligent parents do not get away with it.

But we want the death of Miracle, as we would have liked it to have not happened in vain. Because a life is a life and that of today has been broken to indulge the whim of someone who should have taken a stuffed animal and not a living thing. Miracle was not supposed to be a toy, it was a little kitten only 3 months old who had to be protected ».

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