Tumors, amputations, scars. Farna has published stories that make her freeze

There were several women with singer Ewa Farna at the Český slavík 21 awards ceremony on Friday, who even danced with her to the song Tělo. But they were not chosen at random. Farna published a heartbreaking story of each of them.

Ewa Farna, who won the golden nightingale in the Singer category, performed the song Tělo at Friday’s awards ceremony. Several women in light clothes were on stage with her. “These are my girls. Each of them has a different story of their body“Each has gone through its own and each of them is absolutely beautiful, just like each of you,” Farna greeted them on stage.

Farna wanted to point out that despite difficult moments in life, it is possible to love her body. Lusiet L.’s life stopped at the age of 27 when she found out that he has a tumor in his intestines and liver metastasis. Now she has two beautiful scars on her stomach and enjoys life like never before, “the singer tells the story of the women on her instagram.

“Zuzana F. discovered that an aggressive sarcoma was growing on her cheekbones. This was followed by chemotherapy and amputation of the left upper jaw and upper floor. Now she hopes that she has got rid of the cancer and that she will soon be able to speak normally again, “Farna describes the story, from which she freezes.

Kristýna V.’s life changed when she worked at her the grill, which was 400 degrees, fell. “Now she is reconciled with the scars and it transmits positive energy to everyone around you. He values ​​his life, “adds the golden nightingale.

Zuzana S. was born without a left hand. According to Farne, she is grateful to be able to do whatever she enjoys, even though it looks a little different. “Kateřina K. is a mother of two boys and a patient with multiple sclerosis. Pregnancy has left her with big changes, she is trying to support other women who suffer from any changes in the body with the ‘Body with a Story’ project,” Farna writes.

Another of Tereza P.’s women had to undergo at the age of ten amputation of the foot and according to Farne, he enjoys life anyway. Natalie D. has come a long way from dieting to eating disorders. She currently makes a living as a plus size model. “She found that she liked herself the way she was, “adds the singer.

Five years ago, Agáta U. started combing tufts of hair until she lost everything. “This was followed by eyebrows, eyelashes and the rest of the hair. She found love in her bare head, hobby in her wigs. At the moment, she is trying to support girls and boys with alopecia to live the life they knew before they lost their hair, “concludes Farna.

“Part of the song Body ‘what all my body has endured’ is taking on a new dimension thanks to you,” she thanks to the women who accompanied her to the Czech Nightingale 21, Ewa, in the evening. She herself had struggled with weight before and had to deal with insensitive comments. Her progress is represented by the song Body.




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