TUI now has more than a hundred aircraft maintained at Brussels Airport

The travel group previously decided to bring its five airlines (in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and the UK) closer together and to bring certain activities together in one location.

In addition, Brussels Airport has been designated as the maintenance hub for all narrow bodies of the five airlines. TUI mainly concerns Boeing 737s. A spokesperson said the choice for Brussels was made because of the “versatility and expertise” of the employees, the warehouse itself (which is one of the most modern in the group) and its central location in Europe.

Although dozens of jobs are being created in Brussels for maintenance, jobs are disappearing in another department. It was previously announced that the operational control centers will be brought together in Luton, England. This has consequences for the approximately 30 employees of the center in Zaventem. Some will move, for the others a solution will be sought internally.


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