Tui Cathedral hosts New York’s early music festival

The performance is divided into three blocks: the first dedicated to liturgical music for mass and office, a second with motets and the last consisting of four Christmas carols and the romance Dame welcome, which closes this recording. It is an eclectic selection that combines works of Guatemalan origin with other large-scale foreign works and diverse functions, as they alternate in the songbooks. In the words of Jonatan Alvarado, “our intention is to reveal the invisible lines that unite the aesthetic taste and the sound universe of this community, what they composed, but also what they liked to sing”.

Different theories

The Romanesque chapel of San Vicente in the Tui Cathedral is located on the north tribune and dates from the 13th century. Its name and possible uses respond to different current research theories. According to the historian Carmen Manso Porto, the original purpose of this chapel was linked to music, and there were daily vespers, mornings and Masses sung by the kings of Castile and León Fernando III and Beatriz de Suabia, and by the bishops of Tudenses. The chapel is located in one of the most secluded places in the temple, and it highlights its Romanesque semicircular arches and columns with capitals and decorated bases that give a glimpse of the architectural evolution that this space experienced over time, and which is currently in disuse.

The bet of Music not cloister for the dissemination of the most unknown spaces of the Tui cathedral complex began in 2013 with the recording of the project A rosa d’Adina made by ACadaCanto in the cathedral gardens. The new production that has been promoted by the New York old music festival was recorded last May by a team of Galician professionals in coordination by Música no cloister and the Cabildo de la Catedral de Tui. The recording of the concert was broadcast yesterday Thursday at 7:00 p.m., New York time, through the Internet.

The Tudesean festival Music not cloister, for its part, which had to be suspended last year due to the pandemic, a contest “of music, heritage and creation” is scheduled to be held this summer in August which takes place in the cathedral complex of Tui.

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