Tue | news | Mazen Marzouk: I resigned from the Football Association because of the civil.. and why Will clubs Africa rejects international?

Detection Mazen Marzouq, the chairman of the Competitions Committee, former about the reason for his resignation from the Union of the ball earlier.

He said in his talk cross-channel “on-time Sportsnet 2” on: “Al-Ahly was preparing to fight a final of the African Champions League after the six days of the face of the Ismaili and wanted to postpone the meeting”.

He added, “I refused because I saw that the time interval is very good, but better to play to improve on the sensitivity of building operations”.

He continued, “after 10 days of handle the pressure and rejection I was surprised with the consent of the Union of the ball on the postponement and tendered my resignation”.

Stressed Mazen Marzouk “in the end, Al Ahli game and lost the title, we grow in the minds of the players that the loss be due to the game not because you didn’t play well.”

He added, “that reminds me of what happened with Egypt in the era of Shawky strange time request of the Union ball face Tunisia and Senegal in qualifying for the cup of nations Africa 2015 in the presence of 50 thousand instead of 40”.

He continued, “the floor said that these will be the reason we qualified in the end we lost all the games on our soil.”

And the refusal of some clubs return International said: “any club refuse the return of the league because of his position in the competition is not good”.

He completed the chairman of the Competitions Committee, the former speaking “those clubs made a mistake by declaring its desire to game the cup or the start of a new season in the same material”.

He continued his speech, asking, “Why do you want those clubs to play in Africa even though traveling other countries and refuse to play league?”.

Completed Mazen Marzouk his remarks “you said You and sports minister responsibility for injury to any player in Korea we are you will get FIFA or all responsibility for injury to any player in the matches rule? The headquarters of the club will open to members of Will it the responsibility of injury to any of them?”.

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