Tucquegnieux. Joliot-Curie college staff honor the departure of Michèle Thivet

A good part of the staff of the Irène-Joliot-Curie college had responded to the principal’s invitation for this end-of-school-year drink. Lucie Faedi also welcomed Marianne Della Noce Wawrzyniak, mayor of Tucquegnieux, as well as Simon Stachowiak and Marie Gaychet, members of the municipal council.

The head of the establishment highlighted the merits of the staff: daily commitment, investment in and in the service of students, responsiveness and common sense when implementing health protocols. “Thanks to all of you, the college is a pleasant establishment, with a high proportion of young staff. It is good to work there. Students find a climate conducive to learning and success. Lucie Faedi then presented all those who will not be returning at the start of the school year in September.

Twelve departures listed

These are people who have only worked in Tucquegnieux for part of the year: Anaëlle Knecht (AED), Lebna Jeudy (English), Mylène Fernandez (physics-chemistry). Others who only worked there for a year: Abdoulaye Diop (SVT), Paul Mathieu (physics-chemistry), Thibault Guillemain (German), Dahlia Faas (librarian).

And those who have obtained a transfer. Justine Valentin, English teacher, to the Rennes Academy. Elise Lechner, visual arts, who will find the Louis-Aragon college in Jarny. A pillar: Mylène Duvernier, 19 years at Joliot-Curie, appointed to the Jean-Mermoz college in Marly, music teacher, who also managed the choir, the digital radio. Maggy Leloup, history and geography, will join the Jean-Zay de Jarny high school.

“Michelle is a personality! »

Secretary of the establishment, Michèle Thivet was in Tucquegnieux from 1999 to 2004, to return there in 2010, after incursions at the Hélène-Boucher high school in Thionville, at the college of Auboué, at the CIO of Hayange. “Generous, altruistic, always listening, good adviser, our Michèle is a personality”, summarizes Lucie Faedi.

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From paper forms to software, she was able to adapt, also working under the direction of Martine Grandpierre, Heddy Bchini, Hervé Soares, Philippe Dalla Costa.

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