Tuberculosis vaccine may protect against corona

The old tuberculosis vaccine BCG may be able to protect against the corona virus. To find out whether this is really the case, hospitals are urgently looking for test persons for a large study on this. One of those hospitals is the MST in Enschede.

Because the corona drug is expected to be delayed until next year, the hospital wants to have a drug that can offer more protection in the meantime. BCG can help with this. ‘We use the medicine where tuberculosis still occurs, such as in Africa. There we saw that the children died considerably less often from respiratory infections. Then we found out that it also works in adults, ‘says Corine Delsing, internist and infectiologist at the MST.

Test subjects

The MST is urgently looking for test persons. According to Delsing, they mainly need the vulnerable people in society. “They must be over sixty and suffer from a chronic condition for which they have been hospitalized in the past six months.”

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