Tu Si Que Vales, the semifinal: Ferilli divina in total pink. And Gerry connects from home

Eleventh episode for You are worth it, the Canale 5 show that managed to win the attention of a large audience. Always satisfactory ratings for Belen Rodriguez, who together with Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara, is at the helm of the program come to the semifinal. Competitors, now one step away from victory, are extremely eager to show off their talent to be able to win and take the prize pool.

Beyond the skills of the participants, there are many elements that have made the success of You are worth it. Merit, first of all, of Belen Rodriguez who after having his story made official with a kiss with Antonino Spinalbese, he put aside the gossip about his private life and has dedicated herself to running it with great professionalism. She proved to be an excellent hostess who, with irony and lightness, managed to welcome and entertain viewers.

Eyes on her looks too. The beautiful showgirl, in fact, has always shown off impeccable outfits and breathtaking. Also on this occasion it did not disappoint. Rodriguez chose to wear a total black suit, strapless and with a plunging neckline. She embellished her look with white accessories, high heels and a pearl necklace.

Backbone of the show, then, the beloved Sabrina Ferilli, who for two years has held the role of representative of the popular jury. The actress, for this special appointment, has chosen un look total pink, wearing a soft dress with elegant drapes: simply divine.

Always frank and ironic, Ferilli manages to snatch a smile also thanks to hers undeniable complicity with Maria De Filippi. The two entertain and entertain with spontaneous sketches that highlight their deep friendship.

Also present in the studio, albeit virtually, is Gerry Scotti. In the past few weeks, the judge has come out positive for Coronavirus, which forced him to a hospitalization. Finally healed, he can resume his role to play it, however, for the moment only from home. Together with his colleagues, the presenter laughed, joked, amused and, above all, got excited.

By now, very little is missing from the final of You are worth it. What did the extraordinary team think of the program to amaze viewers?


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