Tu si que vales, the competitor falls from 8 meters high: the judges speechless

Wesley Williams was one of the great protagonists of You are worth it. He stood out for his courage and beyond.

Who are the finalists tonight in Tu si que vales

The final of the 2020 edition has reached a great success, reaching more than 6 million viewers. Of course we will find Belen, Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara to conduct this replica. The jury includes the well-known Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammucari. Sabrina Ferilli has the role of popular judge.

I am 16 i finalists who will compete in tonight’s episode of Tu si que vales. There are the unicyclist Wesley Williams, Ramon Kathriner who will try his hand at the wheel of death, the ventriloquist Andrea Radicchi, the pianist grandmother Nenina Peroni, the comedian Dino Paradiso, the acrobat Liina Aunola, the gymnast Kyle Cragle.

Then there are the Catwall Acrobats and the drummer Alessandro Baviera. We also attend the performance of the flamenco dancer El Yiyo and that of the singer Daniele Primonato. Among the 16 finalists also the magician Andrea Paris and the pianist Cristiano Pierangeli.

In this replica of Tu si que vales even couples: in particular they are the acrobats Ambra & Yves and the dancers Dakota and Nadia. The musicians also perform in a trio formed by Tommaso Quaranta and their parents Marco and Rita.

The other novelties of the episode of Tu si que vales on 2 July

Competitors will compete for the prize money up for grabs which corresponds to 100 thousand euros. we also attend Scuderia Scotti, with these very entertaining competitors selected directly by the well-known conductor. As we all know, this is a rather questionable talent.

The challenge is centered on the performance of the singer Nicola Da Bari, the other singer Giovanni Bruno and the yoga instructor Antonio Surice. The popular jury decides who is the winner.

The fun is really guaranteed, because, even if it is one replica of the famous programviewers have the opportunity to relive all the emotions of that edition that has achieved a record of success.

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The performances of the contestants will be the right opportunity to review some talents of incredible charm and to rediscover some characters who had made their appearance on the small screen and that perhaps some of the audience had forgotten.

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Tu si que vales, the competitor falls from a height of 8 meters

Wesley had the opportunity to participate in the final of You are worth it of the 2020 edition.

The American competitor staged a double ride on an 8-meter high motorcycle blindfolded and in a straitjacket.

In particular, the latter made it very difficult to maintain balance. Despite the difficulties he managed to stage his show of him. At the very end he fell forward from 8 meters but his two assistants were just a few centimeters away and practically stopped him at the beginning of the fall.

Therefore, there is no consequence for the brave Wesley. The judges showed all their amazement by putting their hands through their hair.

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