TSV 1860 and the Allianz Arena: Ex-President Auer reveals Hoeneß details

15 years of Allianz Arena: FC Bayern Munich is happy about its stadium – and TSV 1860? Ex-President Karl Auer looks back.

  • The Allianz Arena turns 15 this weekend
  • Until the return to the Grünwald stadium, the arena was also the home of the lions. Ex-Lion President Karl Auer looks back in the interview
  • You can read more news about TSV 1860 Munich in our app.

Mr. Auer, 15 years of Allianz Arena. What does that trigger in you?

Auer: The transition was not easy for 1860. We spent a few hours in the containers. It was a stressful time for me, but then it was very enjoyable.

How enjoyable?

I associate many beautiful memories with the arena.

What do you think of?

Mei, it started with the opening games. But I also remember the first competitive game against Hansa Rostock (4: 1 / Red.). Full booth (51,200). There is always joy. There were also defeats, but we put them away.

Do you regret that the shares had to be sold relatively quickly in 1860?

Yes very.

Was it inevitable?

Not quite, but I don’t want to postcard there either. Before I came to the clinic, I had spoken to Uli Hoeneß. We would have found a way that we could stay a little longer than 1860. The problem was that the relegation case was not really factored in. All the calculations were only for the first division. We also met our normal payments, only we could no longer handle the special payments.

“The stadium paid off earlier than planned”

At that time, the shares had been sold by Stefan Ziffzer, who had just become managing director …

I would not have sold the shares. I don’t think Bavaria would have let us down either. Clearly there were dates for the repayment of the loans, but they could have been postponed. Just as she later moved Bavaria forward. The stadium paid off earlier than planned. It was a pity that this happened.

Shouldn’t have descended in 1860? Or have to ascend again?

Exactly. One crucial point was that we got a Sunday shot in the penultimate game in Grünwalder. If we had risen directly back then, it would have looked different. In the long run 2nd league was simply not possible.

Deep blue fans are convinced that Bavaria planned to push out of the arena in 1860. A conspiracy theory?

For me it is. Had the budget not been available in 1860 at the time of planning, the arena would never have been built. The contracts were structured in such a way, only that if you don’t make your payments, you’re always dependent on the goodwill of others. A lot has been done wrong.

Auer about Hoeneß: “We always had a good relationship”

They live in Rottach-Egern, Uli Hoeneß in Bad Wiessee. Do the former presidents sometimes meet on a walk along Lake Tegernsee?

(laughs): No, but when we see each other, everything fits. We have always had a good relationship.

Blind understanding among trained butchers?

Yes, because both knew that a word is simply a word. I can only say: The Hoeneß was always a fair partner to me. I never said a bad word about him – and he didn’t say anything about me. Unfortunately, not everyone on the lion side did it that way.

Now back in Giesing in 1860. The right decision?

In the long run it is not a base with 18,000 spectators. The potential for more would be there.

Can you make ends meet in Giesing?

We made a profit at the time, but if you want to play in the first division it’s over. Then you need a reasonable stadium. And actually that must always be the goal for 1860 to play in the Bundesliga.

The TSV 1860 footballers will soon be fighting for points again. Before the third league starts again, we look at the sporting situation with the lions and the competition.

After the corona break there is a restart for the lions. The live ticker for the game of TSV 1860 against MSV Duisburg.

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