TSV 1860 against SpVgg Unterhaching

57 minutes: TOOOOOR! TOOOR! TSV 1860 – SpVgg Unterhaching 2: 0, goalscorer: Dressel.

It’s Dennis Dressel’s day. The midfielder of the lions receives the ball in front of the sixteen and pulls off, Mantel is still with his fingertips, but the placed low shot ends up in the net!

53 minutes: Schromm reacts! Defender Stierlin comes for Krauss.

51st minute: Post Greilinger !!! Erdmann takes a free kick as fast as an arrow, Greilinger comes free in the sixteen at the end but only hits the post.

49. Minute: Of course, the lion’s place is played on the cards, now it’s time to add more!

47.Minute: yellow-red for Hachings Winkler! The ball is in the side, the captain of the guests puts his body back in and flies off the field, a very tough decision!

46 minutes: It continues in the Grünwald!

Mid-term conclusion: A relatively low first half has ended! 1860 is the game-determining team, but Unterhaching misses three good chances. The lions use their only clear opportunity to take a 1-0 break. Sixty is currently only two points behind in fourth place. Maybe there is something going on in the crazy 3rd league?

45. Minute +2: Pause in Giesing!

45th minute +1: hard boarding from Krauss! The Hachinger is far too late against Berzel and rightly sees yellow!

45. Minute: Haching doesn’t take advantage of the opportunities! The Munich suburbs don’t appear often in the penalty area of ​​the lions, but when it does get dangerous, this time Schröter shoots over the box.

40. Minute: After another Derby goal from Dressel (against Bayern II in November), the scorer conjures up a flick-flack on the lawn.

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39.Minute: TOOOOOOR! TOOOOOR! TSV 1860 – SpVgg Unterhaching 1-0, goalscorer: Dressel.

And there is still the lead before the break, a little out of nowhere! Wine with a buttery flank, Dressel climbs to the header in the five and scores 1: 0.

34 minutes: Now the first yellow card for Haching! Winkler is too late against Mölders and is cautioned.

29. Minute: Huge opportunity for haching! Krauss ignites the turbo, pulls into the sixteen, lets the lions get out, but then aims past the cross corner.

25. Minute: Sixty comes above standards – Berzel heads for a corner of wine just over the gate.

22. Minute: Trinkpause in Giesing!

20th minute: Now the best chance in the game! And that belongs to the guests – Straw Angel comes free at the end of 13 minutes, but wine can still block at the last moment, corner!

19. Minute: Good switching option for sixty! Mölders receives the ball and finds left winger Greilinger, who has plenty of space. The 19-year-old moves into the box, but his cross is too weak.

17. Minute: Greilinger wants to show something today! The youngster keeps running at Hachinger and winks at mistakes.

14. Minute: Even if Erdmann was offside, the lion’s first approach. After a Steinhart free kick, the central defender comes free to head. The patch goes just past the Hachinger box.

13. Minute: Overall, the game is still very susceptible to errors in the initial phase, and the derby intensity is still missing. Could be due to the warm temperatures in Munich.

11. Minute: Wine starts, but the ball lands directly in Mantl’s arms.

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10.Minute: Schwabl fouls Greilinger half left in front of the penalty area, excellent free kick position for the sixth!

7.Minute: Bitter yellow card for Berzel because of complaining! It is his 10th yellow card, thus blocking the central defender against Großaspach.

6. Minute: The lions are the more active team in the first minutes!

5. Minute: Small info from the main grandstand: Löwen managing director Michael Scharold, officially until June 30th. still on duty, no longer sitting in the bleachers.

3. Minute: Will Haching score another goal today? The Schromm team has been without their own goal for three games.

2. Minute: Dressel cranked up the game in midfield, relied on Steinhart, who took out the first corner of the game.

1st minute: The ball rolls in Giesing!

2:01 p.m .: The seats have been chosen, both teams are still swearing in!

13.59 p.m .: Haching is already on the lawn, now the lions are there too! It’s about to start. Can the lions make a derby win today after it didn’t work out against small Bayern on Wednesday?

1:41 p.m .: The lions are already warming up on the lawn in summer temperatures and bright sunshine.

1.33 pm: Starting point: For both teams, the topic of promotion has now been ticked off. The Lions are in fourth place, five points behind. With two points less, the Hachinger are one place behind the sixties in tenth place. However, this also means that Claus Schromm’s eleven would pass Sixty with a win.

1:24 p.m .: The Hachinger want revenge for the last minute defeat in the first leg. In an interview with AZ, ex-lion and Haching president Manfred Schwabl gets his defenders ready for the derby against TSV 1860 with first-leg match winner Sascha Mölders and promises “full attack”.

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1:16 p.m .: Paul von Willsch is replaced in the back four. Captain Weber is in the Löwen squad again today.

1:07 p.m .: The formation of the lions is here! Today Köllner sends youngster Greilinger to the field from the start, including wine again, but Bekiroglu and Gebhart are spinning on the bench.

1.00 p.m .: Hello and welcome! Once again it’s Derby Time in Giesing – today the lions receive the SpVgg Unterhaching! It begins in one hour!

TSV 1860 required in the S-Bahn derby

The Löwen lost the first derby in the English week 1: 2 against city rivals FC Bayern II, now the next controversial duel awaits TSV 1860: On Saturday, SpVgg Unterhaching will be guest in the S-Bahn derby on Grünwalder Straße.

For both teams, the promotional topic has now finally been settled. The Löwen are in fourth place, five points behind, in fourth place, which currently entitles them to relegation.

Unterhaching winless for seven games

“Now it’s all about the DFB-Pokal-Platz and a basically good placement,” said Köllner about the new goals after the derby bankruptcy against the small Bayern.

With two points less on the account, the Hachingen are ranked tenth three game days before the end. The team of Claus Schromm, who went into the Corona break as third in the table, is now waiting seven games for a win.


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