Tsatsarov’s team and the police are inspecting the municipality of Vratsa, the mayor denies violations

A joint team of the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Ministry of Interior and the State Agency for National Security entered the municipality of Vratsa and have started a comprehensive inspection of the deals concluded by the administration and Mayor Kalin Kamenov and completed projects. One of the purposes of the inspection is directly related to the new trolleybuses delivered to the city.

In a signal to the commission headed by Sotir Tsatsarov, it is claimed that there are significant violations in the conclusion and implementation of the public procurement for the supply of new trolleys. Some sites have accused Mayor Kamenov of deliberately signing a contract with a dubious company and taking bribes for it. The mayor of Vratsa, elected by GERB for a second term, described as an absolute lie such materials that have flooded the Internet in recent days.

“Unfortunately, I also experienced being tarnished in the most ugly and humiliating way through yellow bat sites, created to carry out orders for abuse, to spew lies, dirt and fake news,” Kamenov wrote in his personal profile. – However, the truth is that all the nonsense that was written about me in an organized manner is an absolute lie. The only thing that is true is that inspections are carried out on all projects. Since I have been mayor, my work has been constantly monitored by all institutions. The public procurement for the supply of the new trolleybuses has been checked several times by various authorities and there are no violations. The delivered vehicles were inspected and no discrepancies were found, “the mayor added.

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