Try These Skin Care Drink Recipes for Beautiful Skin

Glowing skin like a crown! because of good skin health It’s easy to start by nourishing from the inside. As they say, You are what you eat. Want to have beautiful skin besides eating slaves. outside maintenance what we eat It’s important too. Believe it or not, just drink fresh juice regularly. Skin can be glowing today HELLO! We have gathered recipes for skin care drinks, delicious drinks, beautiful and healthy skin here.

Fresh lemon juice mixed with honey

Lemon honey, universal drink recipe common house who said it was good Both help increase freshness. thirst quencher stimulate the digestive system And excretion in lemons are very high in vitamin C. make our skin Get full benefits from here. Helps to make your skin beautiful and clear. brighter with aura and also contains antioxidants Stimulates collagen production Just drink warm lemon honey. on a daily basis It can help nourish beautiful skin.

Carrot and Beetroot Juice
Another skin care drink recipe. Bright Vegetable Juice Duo that orange carrot Contains beta-carotene help our skin shine, look healthy and also contains vitamin A that slow down the aging of the skin It also helps to nourish the eyes. Beetroot is also rich in vitamin C. that helps the skin to glow brightly both of these ingredients It will help the blood flow better. Make our skin bright by using 1 carrot per head, beetroot, half a head, may add a little ginger. and seasoned with lemon juice. To increase the garde as you like

Pomegranate and Green Apple Juice
Benefits of pomegranate that is the red fruit is high in antioxidants If you drink regularly It will help the skin look firm and firm, help slow down wrinkles. Make your skin look younger. The green apple high in vitamin C Makes the skin look radiant with an aura. When mixing both of these together, you will get a skin nourishing drink. with a sweet and sour taste helps to refresh the body animated Just use 1 green apple, blended with half a pomegranate and this is a great drink to welcome the new day.

green tea
ingreen teaIt is rich in many antioxidants. drinking green tea It helps to slow down the deterioration of skin cells, helping our skin to be firm and beautiful. slow down aging And various wrinkles of the skin and reduce the rate of red swelling. inflammation of acne Because green tea has properties that help fight bacteria. drinking green tea regularly therefore helping in our skin care to be strong and bright It is recommended that it should be freshly brewed hot green tea using tea bags, tea powder or tea leaves to brew with hot water to drink. For the most suitable time in drinking green tea It will be in the morning, after waking up or after lunch.

soy milk
Friendly love favorite menu of vegan people that can drink for all genders and ages. besides soy milk It has high nutritional value, contains protein, calcium that helps nourish bones. and estrogen hormone that is suitable as a companion drink for women also contains isoflavones (isoflavones) that help create antioxidants Increase the retention of natural collagen in the skin, making the skin firm and firm. helps tighten skin can slow down aging It is considered a drink to nourish the body. very healthy


plain water

Of course, it is indispensable for clean water. base liquid for our human body which each day Our body should receive at least 8-10 glasses of clean water. in order to balance the various systems in the body And work effectively, which includes skin care as well. The key to good skin Is the skin that is always moist. Therefore, drinking clean water to be sufficient for the needs of the body So it’s a way to add water to the skin. Makes the skin bright, soft, bouncy, not dry and also helps detox various wastes from the body as well.

HELLO girls! Anyone who has tried these drinks and has good results Don’t forget to share with us.

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