Trump’s statement about the Covid-19 vaccine is different from US health experts

WASHINGTON DC, – Statement by the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump on Wednesday (16/9/2020) about wealth vaccine Covid-19 which will be ready in October at odds with US health experts.

According to AFP, Trump’s statement has also come under heavy criticism from his rival in the US Presidential Election, Joe Biden.

US health expert Dr Robert Redfield says a vaccine may not be widely available until mid-2021 and wearing a mask is the main weapon fighting the current pandemic.

“I thought he was [pakar] made a mistake saying that. It’s just misinformation, “Trump told reporters in reference to the director’s statement CDC US, Dr. Robert Redfield in the Senate meeting yesterday (16/9/2020).

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Redfield said the US must have enough vaccines to bring back the ‘routine of life’ by the third quarter of next year, 2021.

“We are very close to vaccines as you know … We think we can start around October” or soon after, Trump said.

“He’s confused, it seems,” Redfield said, “offending” Trump. “What I want to say is, we are ready for action [melakukan vaksinasi] as soon as possible after the vaccine is available. “

Earlier, on Tuesday, Trump accelerated his own prediction with optimism, saying that a vaccine may be available even before the presidential election on November 3.

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“In a few weeks we’ll have it [vaksin], You know, it could be three weeks, four weeks, “he said at a town hall question and answer session with voters in Pennsylvania broadcast. ABC.

Democrats have expressed concern about Trump pressuring government health regulators and scientists to approve an accelerated vaccine to boost his re-election.

Trump also appeared to disagree when asked at city hall why he had underestimated the severity of the pandemic earlier in the month.

“I don’t underestimate it,” Trump replied. “I actually, in many ways, I improved it in terms of action [perbuatan].”

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But Trump himself told journalist Bob Woodward during a recorded interview that he had deliberately decided to appear “dismissive” to avoid worrying the American people.

The president, who is rarely seen wearing masks in public and has long refused to ask citizens to wear masks, said at city hall that “a lot of people don’t want to wear masks and people don’t think masks are good.”

Biden, Trump’s rival in the US presidential election, regularly appears at campaign events wearing a mask, and usually takes it off to deliver a speech.

Trump, who has fallen behind in pre-election polls, taunted Biden for wearing a mask.

The poll itself shows the majority of Americans disagree with President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

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