Trump’s marathon and the question that America (and the world) asks: are you really immune? – Present

In three days, Trump will be in Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa, a demanding journey for the 74-year-old American president, who says he is “immune” to covid-19 ten days after testing positive for coronavirus and stopping his campaign for re-election.

On his return to the electoral arena, Trump should try to stimulate his electoral base, notably with the choice of conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill a seat on the Supreme Court.

The Senate, controlled by the Republicans, started on Monday the hearing of the 48-year-old judge, whose confirmation, practically guaranteed, will make the country’s supreme justice system more conservative in the coming decades.

“It looks like I’m immune, I don’t know, maybe for a long time, maybe for a little while, maybe for a lifetime. No one really knows, but I’m immune,” said the American president on Sunday.

“They have an immune president (…) Today they have a president who doesn’t need to hide in the basement like the opponent,” he added, referring to Biden.

Trump went so far as to state, in an audio message to followers, that he gave “totally negative” to the virus, a statement that has not yet been made official.

The question of immunity to covid-19 is not yet clear, as experts do not know exactly how long it lasts or the level of protection offered by antibodies.

In August, Hong Kong researchers announced that they had discovered the first proven case of reinfection, a few months after the patient’s recovery.

In a brief message on Saturday night, doctor Sean Conley said there was no longer any risk that the president would pass the virus on to others. “I anticipate a totally safe return of the president to his public commitments,” he wrote.

“Total and complete discharge of doctors from the White House yesterday. This means that I cannot have the (immune) virus and I cannot transmit it. It is very good to know that!” Wrote Trump on Twitter on Sunday. Shortly after, Twitter signaled the publication, for violating the social network’s rules on the disclosure of misleading and potentially harmful information in relation to covid-19.

The former New York businessman, who constantly introduces 77-year-old Biden as a puppet manipulated by his party’s left wing, has also hinted that his rival may be sick.

“If you look at Joe, he was coughing terribly yesterday [sábado]”he said.” I don’t know what that means, but the press hasn’t said much about it, “he added.

After the announcement that the president had contracted covid-19, as well as his wife, Melania Trump, Biden’s campaign team publishes the results of the candidate’s daily tests. So far, all tests have been negative.

In contrast, there is less transparency around the American president, as his medical team refuses to say when Trump was last negative.

This stance fuels suspicions that the American president had not been tested for several days before announcing on October 1 that he had contracted the new coronavirus.

By the time the death toll from the pandemic exceeds 214,000 in the country, Biden is almost 10 points, on average, ahead of Trump in national polls, and has also consolidated the advantage in the intention to vote in the decisive states for the election.

Faced with these figures, Trump evokes, more than ever, the surprise factor of 2016, seeking to repeat history. In a morning tweet, he quoted Nate Silver, an expert in electoral statistics, when he said, “Trump’s victory in 2016 was the most impactful political event of my life.”

“This time there is more ENTHUSIASM even than in 2016,” he added. “Winning in many states much more easily than people understand. LARGE CROWDS!”, He assured, reinforcing the message with the usual resource for writing words in capital letters.

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