Trump’s lawyer: Rudy Giuliani tested positive for Corona

Donald Trump’s campaign against the outcome of the presidential election threatens to slip away completely: his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for the corona virus.

He is citing an attempt to overturn the presidential election results in court in favor of the loser Trump – so far without any notable success. It is the most recent of a large number of corona cases in the immediate vicinity of Trump, who himself contracted Covid-19 at the beginning of October.

Trump hired the former prosecutor and mayor of New York City in mid-November to bring charges against the election results and the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. Trump resorted to the help of his longtime confidante after the election campaign advisor David Bossie was unable to act due to a coronavirus infection. Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis wrote on Twitter on Sunday: Giuliani is a tough warrior! The work of Trump’s lawyers is not affected by Giuliani’s infection and they continue.

It remained unclear why it was Trump who brought the public about Giuliani’s infection. However, the New York Times and the broadcaster Abc News reported that Giuliani was hospitalized in the capital Washington. The 76-year-old himself tweeted late on Sunday evening: I’m very well looked after and feel good. He is recovering very quickly. Giuliani thanked them for the recovery wishes they had received.

Giuliani claims to be able to prove that Trump was robbed of Joe Biden because of a vote robbery organized by the Democratic Party. Several dozen lawsuits filed by Trump’s attorneys in various states have failed in court, partly due to a lack of evidence. Even if everything currently suggests that Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the USA in a good six weeks: Trump is sticking to the story that he is the real winner. This is how he presented it at his first rally since the election on Saturday in the state of Georgia.

After serving as Mayor of New York City, Giuliani was widely considered a hero. Meanwhile, he is belittled by many as an embarrassing henchman of the president. Giuliani had already got Trump into trouble several times. He was a central figure in the Ukraine affair that sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump. Giuliani had actively sought to persuade Ukraine to investigate Biden. In the final spurt of the election campaign, he had tried in vain to trigger a scandal involving Biden’s son Hunter. Even conservative media kept their hands off the story because of the questionable sources.

On November 19, a press conference caused a sensation, at which Trump’s lawyers became entangled in conspiracy theories. Giuliani talked himself into a rage in a monologue of about 40 minutes and sweated in the light of the headlights. Subsequently, the conversation piece made sure that a dark color ran down his cheeks – it was probably traces of a dye or mascara. Giuliani’s son Andrew tested positive for the virus after the press conference.

Since Trump put him on the election result, Giuliani has been traveling all over the country to make his unsubstantiated claims heard. For example, on Wednesday he was at a parliamentary hearing in Michigan and on Thursday in Georgia.

Jen Jordan, Democratic senator in the state, was outraged at the news of Giuliani’s infection. Little did I know that the most credible death threat I encountered last week was Trump’s own lawyer, she wrote on Twitter. Giuliani – without a mask, in a fully occupied meeting room for seven hours. To say that I’m angry would be too kind. The sham honor in the Senate was a mockery of justice. Now its effects could go far beyond that.

He was also seen without a mask next to other people in videos of many other appearances by Guiliani in recent days. Trump’s campaign team stressed on Monday night that Giuliani had tested negative immediately before his trip to Arizona, Michigan and Georgia and for 48 hours afterwards.

Giuliani was seen in a television interview with Fox News on Sunday morning in which he again claimed that there had been centrally organized electoral fraud that had been very well planned, very well executed. US authorities said the November 3rd elections were the safest in the country’s history. However, experts no longer expect Trump to legally avert his defeat against Biden.

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From Lena Klimkeit, dpa


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