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Unsurprisingly, the second round of the Georgia federal senator’s ballot on Dec. 6 ended in victory for Democratic nominee Warnock, thus locking in the Democratic Party’s record in the Senate at 51:49.

The election of the federal senator from Georgia once again staged a scene strikingly similar to that of January 2021. The defeat of Walker, the Republican candidate and former football star, was another blow for Trump. The last time Trump was obsessed with the issue of “2020 general election fraud” in the state, which disgusted voters and caused the Republican Party to lose two federal senator seats, unexpectedly winning a majority of the Democratic Party in the Senate. And in this midterm elections, Trump used his “golden finger” to invite Walker, a most influential businessman in Texas, to return to his Georgia hometown to run for office, hoping to challenge the blacks with blacks, but the result was his own misfortune.

In this midterm elections, the Republican Party has played a good hand of cards. While the Republican Party reflected on its electoral defeat and wanted to focus on the ballot for the federal senator from Georgia, Trump insisted on announcing his return to the White House on November 15, causing dissatisfaction among Republican leaders. Judging by his performance over the past month, Trump hasn’t traveled to US political highlands like Iowa to promote his ideas like he did in 2015 after announcing his candidacy. , and had a worse dinner with Kanye. He was particularly angry about the scandal that Twitter blocked Hunter in October 2020, and even calls for “Abolish the US Constitution” have drawn strong criticism from many people in both parties in the US. Some Republican leaders have criticized that since you’ve “done nothing” during this time, why are you so eager to announce your candidacy?

The Democratic victory in Georgia is not a big surprise. Over the past month, Democrats have invested heavily in advertising in the state, spending as much as $55 million, which is far more than the $26 million invested by Republican candidate Walker. Former President Barack Obama went to the state to support Warnock. Warnock himself has also firmly grasped his opponent Walker’s “low quality” and moral flaws, exaggerating his weak ability to participate in and discuss state affairs, and emphasizing the impression that he is “not just a pastor and a senator , but also a pastor of the Senate”, in the sense that he In the Senate has the extra ability to save souls and lead the country.

For the Democratic Party, while Warnock’s vote is not a final decision, it is nevertheless of great importance. Since the Democratic and Republican parties were tied 50:50 in the last Senate election, the two parties had to evenly share some power in subordinate committees of the Senate. This time, the Democratic Party won 51 seats, which means that the Democratic Party completely controls the Senate. The president is a Democrat, who can process legislation and hearings for nominations for key government jobs faster. When candidates were discussed in the last Senate, once a deadlock was reached, the Democratic Party compromised or suspended the nomination process and eventually forced Biden to withdraw the candidate. Additionally, Democrats can handle priorities independently without Republican support, including investigating some cases and issuing subpoenas. At the same time, after the Democratic Party obtained an absolute majority, it also constituted a constraint for the “moderates” of the party. Over the past two years, Senate Democratic leader Schumer and President Biden have suffered greatly from dissent from individual senators in their party. Senator Manchin of West Virginia even has the nickname “President Manchin”, and Senator Sinema of Arizona is also a headache for the Democratic Party. Like the so-called “moderates” of the Democratic Party, they will bargain with their own party. The burden of the burden is obviously very small.

More importantly, if there is a vacancy in the Supreme Court, the Democratic Party can use the advantage of the majority party to quickly start the relevant procedures to fill it. During the Obama administration, because the Senate was controlled by the Republican Party, the hearing process of the Obama-appointed Supreme Court justice was stopped, and this candidate was the current Attorney General Garland. The Democratic Party’s optimistic prediction at the time was that Hillary would surely win the presidency, and it would be a matter of time before Garland was nominated. But Trump eventually managed to fight back, thwarting the will of the Democratic Party. In just four years, Trump nominated three conservatives to become Supreme Court justices and pegged the balance of power between conservatives and liberals on the Supreme Court at 6 to 3. That’s how the Supreme Court was born this summer. the event occurred that overturned the case of Roe v. Wade.

The dust settled in the Senate election and the Democrats scored another victory in Georgia, giving the Republicans the ammunition to attack Trump. To make Trump’s situation worse, his Trump Organization was indicted on Dec. 6 on all 17 criminal charges. These allegations include tax fraud and forgery of business records. The good news is that these allegations don’t include Trump himself and his family; the bad news is that the New York Attorney’s charges against him and his family are still under investigation, and the Trump family could be expelled from New York territory entirely.

As an outsider in 2016, Trump relied on inciting populism to give voters a sense of freshness, and he successfully climbed to the top; in 2020 he repeated the same old tune and the motivation of his supporters waned and he was abandoned by the voters as a result: the skirmish for the 2024 general election The prelude has already begun and more than half of the people hope to see more fresh blood replace it. The American mainstream public believes that the defeat of the Republican Party in Georgia can accelerate the separation of the Republican Party and Trump, otherwise the prospect of the Republican Party in the 2024 general election is still worrying.

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