Trump will hold its first election rally since Covid-19 infection in the world on Monday

U.S. President Donald Trump will hold his election campaign rally in Florida on Monday, the first since he became infected with the new coronavir, his statement said on Twitter.

Trump said that the event in Sanford, Florida will be a “big rally.” His registration was accompanied by a registration form requiring participants to take “all risks associated with exposure to Covid-19” at the event.

The president, who lags behind his presidential rival Joe Biden in public opinion polls, is seeking a return to a personal presence in the election campaign, which had been suspended since his announcement of a positive Covid-19 test last week.

Trump also plans to address his supporters on the South Lawn’s South Lawn on Saturday, while respecting the social distance on the White House’s South Portico balcony. It will be his first public event at the White House since the positive Covid-19 test, and he described the event as a “peaceful protest against law and order.”

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