Trump wants experimental corona drug for all Americans

The drug has not yet been approved and the question is whether the approval process can be speeded up. The treatment is now undergoing clinical testing and has not yet received any approval.

In addition to the treatment for the disease, work is also underway on a vaccine against corona, a topic that was also raised in the debate that candidates for vice-president today. Democratic running mate Harris responded that she would only accept a vaccine if it was approved by experts, but not if only Donald Trump recommends it.

Vice President Pence accused her of undermining confidence in a new vaccine for political gain.

Quarrel about test period

Last week, the White House argued with the FDA about the testing standard to be used for a vaccine. The FDA demanded a two-month test period to identify possible side effects, but the Trump administration hopes to be able to use the drug before the election.

Ultimately, the FDA persisted and the longer testing period remains in effect.

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