Trump wall on the border with Mexico began to collapse / GORDON

Damage was visible on the section of the wall between Douglas, Arizona and the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge.

Record rainfall in Southern Arizona caused flooding. José Manuel Perez Cantu, director of the non-profit organization Cuenca Los Ojos, said six airlock gates of the wall had been washed away at this location. The rains literally tore the floodgates off their hinges, the report said.

Tucson Sentinel noted that the floodgates were clogged with debris and sand.

Tucson Border Patrol Representative (state of arizona) confirmed NBC Newsthat some locks were opened last week due to flooding in the Douglas area.

The locks are left open in the summer, at which time heavy rains and flash floods are most likely, the newspaper wrote. Vice.


The United States has been building barriers on the border with Mexico since 1993 to discourage illegal migration and drug trafficking. Trump said that he would bring construction to completion and that all expenses from the US budget for the construction of the border barrier will be reimbursed by Mexico later… Mexico claimed that won’t pay for the wall.

Due to disagreements in the US Congress over the appropriation for the construction of the wall in December – January 2019, there was longest shutdown in US history – for 35 days. In February 2019, the Democrats in the U.S. Congress agreed allocate for financing fortifications on the border with Mexico, four times less appropriations than Trump wanted: $ 1.3 billion.

About $ 25 billion was spent on the wall when Trump left office, the broadcaster reported. BBC in February this year. Prior to Trump’s accession to the presidency of the United States, various types of fences were installed along the southern border at a distance of 654 miles (over 1,000 km). During his tenure, 80 miles (almost 129 km) of new barriers were built.

The current President of the United States Joe Biden canceled the construction of the Trump wall… The decision was welcomed by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.



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