“Trump sniper” Pelosi signs impeachment bill “he is an obvious national danger”

Reproducing’Morning Fashion’ at the time of the first impeachment vote… Remarks at the speech that the protesters took over
Trump refused to shake hands during last year’s speech Pelosi torn manuscript Trump “Mad Nancy”

Like a grim lion… Black’impeachment dress’ U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is presiding over a vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump at the Capitol in Washington on the 13th (local time), wearing a black dress reminiscent of mourning and a gold necklace. When President Trump’s first impeachment bill was passed in the House of Representatives in December 2019, Pelosi wore the same clothing and a club brooch to symbolize the legislative authority. This seems to be intended to create a solemnity, such as a funeral, at the meeting of the presidential impeachment. Washington = AP Newsis

“A man who is determined to tear down the things we hold together.”

“The obvious danger of a country we all love.”

“The president cried out to the protesters,’Fight like evil.’”

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is called the Trump sniper, emphasized the need to pass the impeachment bill in a speech before the vote on the impeachment bill against President Donald Trump on the 13th. Chairman Pelosi was usually referred to as the’Trump sniper’. Elected as chairman of the House of Representatives in 2018 and set up a case with the Trump administration, he led the impeachment bill of President Trump following the so-called “Ukraine Scandal” in December 2019. In February of last year, President Trump, who visited Congress to give a speech on state affairs, refused to shake hands from Chairman Pelosi. At the time, Chairman Pelosi tore the manuscript of President Trump’s speech at the end of his speech, which was also broadcast live on TV. President Trump called Pelosi’crazy Nancy’ whenever he didn’t like him, and he frequently posted’critical tweets’. Chairman Pelosi said that after the impeachment bill for President Trump was passed, “I will sign the impeachment bill with a sad and grieving heart because I know what this means to Korea. Chairman Pelosi repeatedly mentioned his sad feelings on the day when the second impeachment vote was held against the incumbent president for the first time in US history. Before entering the ballot on the impeachment bill, he said, “I am not happy to say that impeachment is necessary. It breaks my heart,” he said. “It will break the hearts of all of you in the Holy Council.” “I stood here as a member of the American people. (Trump) Please answer me if the President defended the Constitution.” When President Trump was first impeached two years ago, Pelosi immediately cautioned and said, “Today is a great day for the Constitution, but a sad day for the United States.” On this day, Chairman Pelosi’s outfit also became a hot topic. This is because the black one-piece suit he wore reminded me of a mourning dress (喪服). Chairman Pelosi’s assistants confirmed to the media that the suit was the same clothes he wore when the first impeachment bill against President Trump was passed in the House of Representatives in December 2019. It was interpreted that it was intended to sound a manipulator in the crisis of democracy in the United States, which even brought about the impeachment of the president.

After passing the impeachment bill, Pelosi’s speech platform used to hold a press conference also attracted attention. This is because one of the protesters who invaded the parliament on the 6th was a spearhead carried out of Chairman Pelosi’s office. At the time, a man in his thirties named Adam Johnson took a picture with a smile while holding a speech stand in the chairman’s office. For this reason, the man, referred to online as the “podium guy,” was arrested in Florida and released on bail. The US media has interpreted that Pelosi’s use of this stool was to highlight the significance and legitimacy of the impeachment while emphasizing the violence of the protesters.

New York = correspondent Yoo Jae-dong [email protected]Go to reporter page>

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