Trump required to file tax returns, but may appeal the decision

The New York Court ordered Donald Trump’s accountants on Wednesday to deliver the President’s tax returns. However, the second New York court of appeal in Manhattan explained that the suspension of the first instance court decision will remain in effect for the Republican’s lawyers to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

Trump’s lawyers tried to invalidate a subpoena that the Manhattan district attorney’s office, Cyrus Vance, issued to the President’s accountants, but a district judge rejected all efforts made by the defense. According to a Justice Department spokesman, the US government is evaluating this decision by the district judge.

For more than a year, the Manhattan District Attorney and the U.S. President have been in a constant struggle for Trump’s tax returns for eight years of his business activity.

Donald Trump’s defense lawyers have always denied handing over the documents, arguing that since he is serving as President, he cannot be under investigation, an allegation that has never been used in courts that must be evaluated in the Supreme Court, who decided in July, against Trump’s calls. Until the United States presidential elections, scheduled for November 3, a new resolution will not be possible.


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