Trump: quarantine for New York “not necessary”

On the recommendation of his coronavirus working group and after consulting the governors of the three affected states, he asked the health authority CDC to publish “strong travel advice”. Details should be known that evening, said Trump. “Some people would like to see New York quarantined because it is a hotspot,” the US president had previously said.

“No domestic travel”

In the announced “strong travel advice” from the CDC, residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are urged to refrain from unnecessary domestic travel for the next 14 days. This does not apply to employees in, for example, healthcare, financial services or the food industry. The authority did not issue a general travel warning or restrictions for domestic travel. However, travelers have been urged to take precautions to prevent becoming infected or contributing to the further spread of the virus.

So far 2,000 dead in the USA

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York state, warned of chaos afterwards. A quarantine will result in economic upheaval, he told the TV broadcaster CNN. The stock exchanges would “sink like a stone” and the economy would not be able to recover for months or years.

In the United States, more than 2,000 people have died as a result of being infected with the coronavirus. That came out on Saturday night from a listing from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. A large part of the deaths are in the state of New York, where the corona virus has spread particularly quickly in recent days. Governor Andrew Cuomo had given the number of deaths there on Saturday with more than 700.

Investigations into the death of a baby

Illinois is investigating the death of a baby infected with the coronavirus. In connection with the disease Covid-19, there has so far been no death of a baby, said the health department of the US state. A “comprehensive investigation” should clarify the exact cause of death of the child under one year old, it said.

The USA is the country with the most proven infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen – the number currently stands at more than 121,100. Experts assume a high number of unreported cases. More than 10,000 people have died in Italy since the pandemic began. That is the highest number in the world.

(Quelle: What / Dpa)

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