Trump proposes two-state solution – Abbas says “a thousand times no”

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Trump proposes two-state solution – Abbas says “a thousand times no”

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Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu present Middle East plan

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The presentation of this plan has been waiting for months. The Palestinian leadership had rejected him even before publication. See Trump and Netanyahu’s statements on the Middle East plan in full here.

President Trump’s Middle East peace plan is based on a two-state solution. The United States makes greater concessions to the Palestinians than many expect. However, Palestinian President Abbas’ response is devastating.

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US-President Donald Trump presented his long-awaited Middle East plan at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It provides for a two-state solution.

In the White House, Trump had already met with the right-wing conservative head of government and his challenger Benny Gantz from the Blue-White center alliance in separate meetings on Monday to explain his plan.

The Palestinian leadership has already dismissed this as a violation of UN resolutions and international law. In a first reaction, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said: “After the nonsense we heard today, we said no to the deal of the century a thousand times.” He spoke of the “blow of the century”.

Palestinians are to be given the capital of East Jerusalem

The United States wants to recognize Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In return, Israel should freeze new settlement activities for four years. The Palestinians would have to make progress in respect of human rights, freedom of the press and the rule of law for their own state. Trump stressed that young people in the Middle East are ready for an era of peace. Governments in the region understood that Islamist terrorism was the common enemy.

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The plan provides for this area distribution between a Palestinian state (dark green) and Israel (brown). There are said to be bridges and tunnels between the Palestinian territoriesl give


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Specifically, the future state of Palestine is planned to consist of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, connected by a series of streets and tunnels to the capital in East Jerusalem. Israel would continue to keep its security forces in the Jordan Valley, but would gradually reduce them if the Palestinian state takes shape, the plan says. According to Trump – who spoke of a “historical moment” – Netanyahu had agreed to the plan. The Palestinian-controlled territory would more than double, the President said.

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Trump thanked Netanyahu for “taking this courageous step forward.” The Palestinians also deserved a “better life,” Trump said. When he visited Bethlehem, the fate of the Palestinians made him sad.

He sent a letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and offered him cooperation. He announced $ 50 billion investment in Palestine. This could create 100 million new jobs. The gross domestic product could double or triple.

Netanyahu: “Historical Day”

Netanyahu thanked Trump profusely and spoke of an “extraordinary plan”. “It’s a historic day,” he said, comparable to the day when US President Harry S. Truman recognized Israel in 1948. The areas recognized in the West Bank according to Trump’s peace plan were “vital for our security”. “You are the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the White House,” praised Netanyahu Trump. Israel’s head of government said he was ready to negotiate with Abbas based on the new proposals.

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To do this, the Gaza Strip would have to be demilitarized and Hamas disarmed, Netanyahu said. The plan also provides for this. The Jordan Valley remains under Israel’s control.

Netanyahu appealed to the Palestinians: “It takes a lot of talent to reject a $ 50 billion plan. I know what such high investments can do with an economy. “

Senior Hamas official Khalil al-Hajja reiterated his rejection after Tuesday’s White House press conference: “We are certain that our Palestinian people will not allow these conspiracies to pass through. So all options are open. ”Occupying Israel and the US government would be responsible for what they would have done.

Jordan also said no. Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned of the “dangerous consequences of unilateral Israeli measures, such as the annexation of Palestinian territories”. Jordan remains committed to a two-state solution with a Palestinian state across the West Bank. Before Safadi’s reaction, US government officials said they hoped that Jordan and Egypt would agree or at least not flatly reject the plan. A rejection by the Palestinians, Turkey and Iran is expected.

Israel had conquered the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, among others, during the Six Day War. The United Nations (UN) classify the areas as occupied. Israel has withdrawn from the Gaza Strip, which was also conquered at the time. The Palestinians want to declare an independent state with the capital East Jerusalem in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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