Trump praises the lk with whom he defeated the covid. At the same time, Ltka was created with a significant cell of abortion, the president refuses Svt

WASHINGTON/PRAHA US President Donald Trump promises emv pocket lk to covid-19. This is an experimental counteract therapy developed by Regeneron. So far, the therapy has not been approved for uvn amkn access only from the circle of people. The president wants to take her bag free of charge.

Paradoxically, Regeneron has chosen the drugs that most likely neutralize the new coronavirus for its help with the stem cells that originally came from abortions in the 1970s. At the same time, Trump is a well-known critic of abortion, and Vdcm, who examined the beech trunks obtained in this way, christened the pension from the sttu.

According to US President Donald Trump, he spilled out of the covid order in just three days, he said. and it is firmly thanks to the cocktail t lk. The longest of the three appears to be experimental trials from Regeneron, which is currently not available to the general public in the United States because it is in clinical trials. Lk, who works on the principle of monoclonal substances, was highlighted by the president in one of his latest videos, which he published on Wednesday.

They gave me Regeneron and it was unbelievable. I immediately honored that it was good, said Trump, and raised a lk for covid-19. Experts warn that there is no such thing yet.

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It is completely irresponsible for the president to label the affair, he said pro americk server CBS News Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a viroloka from Columbia University. We cannot talk about the activity of the drug on the basis of its action in a single patient.

The research used beech strains coming from a killed embryo

Beech trunks

  • Stem beeches are non-specialized nutrient beeches that have the ability to divide and thus have the ability to transform into another cell type, for example, to change into a nerve beech and thus replace some other, nervous beech in the tissue.
  • This is how the body repairs its damage. Stem beeches can be divided in such a way that they form more stem cells.
  • In mammals, beech strains are found in embryonic blastocysts and thus in adult tissue tissues.
  • The controversy associated with stem beeches most often focuses on the first named, that is, on those scum from the human birth. It is a matter of the ethics of research, which involves the development and use of human embryos, keeping in mind that not all stem cell research involves human embryos.

The drug, based on monoclonal antibodies, received by the US President with an eight-gram infusion, was developed in the laboratory to contribute to a special culture of stem cells that was originally obtained from embryonic (born) kidneys after a miscarriage performed in the Netherlands in 1973. in vitro, ie artificially in glass, as thermally baked from Latin, are commonly used in biotechnology to produce enzymes, hormones and the first monoclonal antibodies.

Trump has long been opposed to abortion, and the Abortion Movement is one of his biggest supporters. In 2020, the Republican Party will take a stand against embryonic stem cell research and demand the destruction of federal funding for such research, pe The Guardian.

This even happened to her in 2019, when Trump limited science for certain ideological reasons. His administration suspended the funding of government scientists working on studies involving embryonic beech strains, which, according to Science, raised at least $ 31 million in research. This decision was considered a large number of anti-abortion groups. elme propotratov lobby like never before, Donald Trump told his supporters in January 2020.

Stem beeches have been used to test the ability to neutralize the virus in various antibody candidates, a Regeneron spokesman said. pro CBSN. Thanks to the words of the beech tribes, the best two counterparts that now make the REGN-COV2 cocktail, the lk that Trump received, under his official name, helped to determine. In this way, the test was so remdesivir, said the lk that the President of the USA received. The so-called The affinity of antibodies, ie the reaction of another substance, can also be compared by other methods, ie without the use of embryonic cells. In any case, there is no fruit tissue present in the final product, as Regeneron has ensured.

Lk stle available only to selected

Trump said in a medium that he had taken him 24 hours in a row and that he wanted it to work like this for everyone, that is, to treat everything the same as with the President of the USA. He confirmed his words in another video released on Thursday evening. In addition, he said that Regeneron’s e-books – and the two that made it work identically – would be available to anyone very soon and for free.

Nicmn zatm se ukzalo,jak pe british denk the Guardianthat Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer is a member of Trump’s own private golf club in Briarcliff Manor, New York. In May, Lenny, as Director Trump called, met with the president to talk about the raptors his company is developing. This again sparked a debate about the president’s new approach to experimental life, which is currently unavailable to most other Americans, despite the fact that the order lay down and did not carry a veil.

According to Trump, ensure that Regeneron immediately receives emergency clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That’s what the company asked for on Wednesday. Trump acknowledged the pressure, which would last two, three or three years, in a few weeks or in a short time, all because of me. Regeneron, as it is transmitted after the name of its manufacturer, has begun to have such a right.

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