Trump or Biden? These Shamans Predict US Presidents Next Page all

LIMA, – For shaman shaman of Peru trying to predict who will become president United States of America ( AS) next.

Dressed in colorful clothes, incense smoke, flowers, photos of incumbent presidential candidates Donald Trump and the presidential candidate Joe Biden they start the ritual.

Reporting from Reuters, the shaman shamans also blow instruments from the traditional Andean shell.

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They then shouted “pachanaka“Or it can be interpreted as” mother earth “so that the general election in the US will take place peacefully, without any attacks or magic between the two candidates.

The ritual takes place in an old, dimly lit room in downtown Lima, Peru, in September, two months before US elections begin on November 3.

Teacher shaman shaman, Ana Maria Simeon, who participated in the ritual when asked Reuters privately confessed to choosing Biden.

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“That’s why we cleaned it (Biden) we have seen that they attacked him with magic, with black puppets, with their voodoo dolls shadowing to get him out,” said the shaman with the necklace wrapped around his neck.

During the ritual, the witch doctors rub medicinal plants, fruit and even live snakes on photos of candidates Biden and Trump.

According to the poll Reuters/Ipsos In September, Biden outperformed Trump on votes from respondents.

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As many as 50 percent of respondents said they chose Biden while 41 percent chose Trump.

However, the poll results appear to be the opposite of the results forecast of the shaman shamans in Peru.

“Good energy for Mr. Donald Trump,” said one of the shaman shamans Pablo Torres, carrying a snake on one of his shoulders after spraying a strange liquid from his mouth at Trump’s photo.

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“Why? Because he deserves, he needs good energy, good vibes from his followers,” continued Torres.

“We are supporters of that man. He will win; he is a winner, “he concluded.


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