Trump leaves the hospital and waves to supporters. Then come back

Donald Trump briefly left the hospital where he is admitted due to the covid-19. “To surprise the patriots who are here,” he said, in a video, published moments before getting in the car for a brief ride.

The President of the USA was photographed with the mask, as well as elements of the secret services that guarantee his safety. The short trip was made in one of the official vehicles of the White House.

Trump left the hospital in an armored SUV and remained in the vehicle, wearing a mask, as he passed a crowd that waved flags and applauded.

The visit of the American President, who has been hospitalized since Friday after having tested positive for the new coronavirus, came shortly after he promised his supporters “a surprise” in a video published on his Twitter account.

“We are going to give a little surprise to some of the great patriots we have on the street,” he said. In the same video, he added that he had “learned a lot” about the virus.
“It has been a very interesting trip. I learned a lot about covid-19. I really learned it when I went to school. This is the real school. This is not the school of books. I understand and understand it. And it is a very interesting thing “, he said.


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