Trump laments the planned “Black Lives Matter” lettering in New York

US President Donald Trump has complained on Twitter about a planned “Black Lives Matter” sign on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

A “Black Lives Matter” sign on Fulton Street in Brooklyn.


(dpa) Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week that the street in front of the Trump Tower in the center of Manhattan would be painted over a large area. Trump called the similar lettering in front of the White House a “symbol of hatred”.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany later said at a press conference that Trump criticized the Black Lives Matter movement as an organization for sending some “hateful” messages. McEnany emphasized: “He also thinks that all black lives are important.”

Trump criticized on Twitter that the city is denigrating the luxury street with a “big, expensive, yellow sign” and at the same time reducing the police budget by a billion dollars. The city council made this decision early Wednesday morning. There should not be any deletion of jobs, the reduction from around six to around five billion dollars is mainly due to changes in administration and work organization. For example, around 5,300 police officers in schools will be the responsibility of the education department in the future.

Trump claimed in his tweet that De Blasio hated the city’s police force. The police officers would still “vividly” remember songs of abuse against them, Trump wrote on. The calls he cited had already been picked up during protests in Minnesota in 2015.

Trump had already expressed himself racist several times in the past and also harshly criticized the “Black Lives Matter” movement. In surveys, however, a clear majority of the US population supports the protests against racism and police violence.

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