Trump lags behind Biden by nine percentage points

According to a survey conducted between September 11 and 15, Biden is set to support 50 percent of respondents, while at Trump it is only 41 percent. Three percent of those contacted will elect a candidate from another party, and the rest are not yet clear. There are now 47 days until the election.

The survey suggests that most American voters are strongly convinced of their choice and are unlikely to change their preference for elections. Nine out of ten Biden supporters and eight out of ten Trump voters said they were “absolutely clear,” and the rest expressed some indecision.

According to the survey, Biden has a better chance of winning more votes, but in the US electoral system, national battles are crucial to the outcome of the election. Trump won a seat in the White House in 2016, despite the fact that almost three million fewer people voted for him than for his then rival Hillary Clinton.

However, nine percent of voters are still unclear or do not want to support either of the candidates of the two main parties. Their decision in the coming weeks could be crucial for the outcome of the election, according to Reuters.

The bet on crime has not yet helped Trump

In recent months, Trump has taken on the role of protector of the American way of life in the suburbs. It seeks to entice voters there with a harsh stance on crime and civil unrest that have recently erupted in a number of American cities in the wake of widespread protests against racism and police brutality. However, according to the survey, among white people living in the suburbs, only 11 percent of respondents consider the most important attitude to crime to be the most important, which is two percent less than a week ago and four percent less than two weeks ago.

More important for this group of voters is the covidu-19 pandemic, which has hit the United States exceptionally hard. In the United States, more than 195,000 people have already died from the coronavirus disease, the most in the world.

27 percent of white people living in the suburbs said that the most important plan for them was to fight the pandemic, and for a quarter of them, restoring confidence in the US government was crucial. Another 19 percent base their choice primarily on how they say their candidate will fare in rebuilding the US economy and creating jobs.

People believe in Trump’s ability to help the economy

In the latter respect, Trump continues to dominate Biden. According to 45 percent of Americans, the current president would cope better with economic problems, only 36 percent believe that Biden. Trump’s campaign is now trying to take advantage of this lead, and in the coming days he will launch a series of television commercials worth $ 10 million (225.6 million crowns), which will be oriented to the economy.

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