Trump “is no longer considered at risk of transmitting” Covid-19, said his doctor

United States President Donald Trump

The president of United States, Donald Trump, he’s not contagious anymore, nine days after announcing that he has Covid-19, the White House doctor said Saturday night.

This morning’s PCR test shows, by currently recognized standards, that he is no longer considered at risk of transmitting [el virus] to others, “said the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, in a statement.

The president announced that he had covid in the early morning of October 2 and that same night he was admitted to a hospital on the outskirts of Washington.

LThe tests showed that “there is no more evidence that the virus is actively replicating” and that Trump’s viral load was “decreasing,” added Conley., aunque did not declare that the president was free of covid.

Trump has no fever and his symptoms have “improved” Conley said, noting that he would continue to monitor the president as he “resumes his active agenda.”

Trump, who was in the hospital for three days before returning to the White House, has been pushing to return to the campaign.

The president is trailing his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in polls less than a month before the November 3 election.

Sean Conley, White House Physician

Sean Conley, White House Physician

This Friday, Donald Trump said he was “medication free” and revealed more details about his fight against Covid-19, in a television interview on Friday, a week after he was hospitalized for the virus.

Trump appeared on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox for something the White House described as an on-air “medical evaluation,” carried out remotely by Dr. Marc Siegel, collaborator of the television network.

“Right now I’m drug free, I’m not taking any medication starting, you know, probably about eight hours ago.”, dijo Trump a Siegel.

It was unclear when the interview took place, which Carlson said was recorded by a White House camera crew.

Trump’s doctors earlier said they gave him an aggressive cocktail of drugs, including the steroid dexamethasone, usually associated with severe cases of COVID-19..

Trump also indicated that he had been retested for the virus.

“I have been tested again and I still haven’t figured out the numbers or anything, but I have been tested again and I know I’m at the bottom of the scale or free”, He said.

He said that he did not know when the next test would be done, “it would probably be tomorrow”, because “they do the test every two days.”

Trump said the virus had reduced his energy and that he had not felt “very vital.”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, speaks to his followers from a balcony of the White House in Washington

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, speaks to his followers from a balcony of the White House in Washington

He added that “he has no trouble breathing.” His doctors said they gave him oxygen at least twice, and the president said after lung tests had shown “some congestion in there.”

The president indicated that he did not know where he had contracted the virus, adding that “it is highly contagious. That is something that is learned, it is a contagious disease ”.

Trump, will hold a political rally next Saturday, they confirmed to different official local media of his administration. Shortly after, he announced that he would hold a rally in the city of Sanford, in the pendular state of Florida next Monday.

Saturday will be the first event of this nature since the president tested positive for Covid-19 last Friday. Since then, he has spent three days hospitalized at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center and the remaining time at his residence in the White House.

According to local reports, Trump plans to address his supporters from the balcony of his residence. As reported by The New York Times, all attendees must wear a mask at the White House and undergo a check-up that will consist of “determining their temperature and answering a brief questionnaire.”


Trump said he is “medication free” and described his fight against Covid-19

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