Trump intensifies his attacks one week before the elections

Maybe the world won’t end if Joe Biden win the elections in the United States, but there will be “A devastating recession”, “Markets will collapse” and a “Organized crime family” will direct the destinies of the country. Those are some of the things he said Donald Trump in recent days about his Democratic rival, whom he described Monday as “A pathetic candidate” during various campaign events in Pennsylvania. As the election date approaches and his re-election prospects cloud, the president has opted for intensify their attacks on Biden in a strategy that seeks to foster fear among the electorate. It is too early to know its results, although several polls in recent days suggest that the Democrat lead is narrowing.

Trump is hyperventilating, as seen on Sunday during the traditional campaign closing interview that every four years broadcasts the program ‘60 minutes’ with the candidates for the White House. President left before it was over, after angrily complaining about questions from the veteran journalist Lesley Stahl, who interrupted him several times to question the veracity of his claims. They are not the only fuss in recent days, in which he has called “Idiots” to the scientists who advise you on the management of coronavirus, has described the doctor Anthony Fauci how “a disaster” and has once again referred to the press as “A real rubbish”.

Defensive campaign

Trump’s unease is reflected in his campaign, which is playing defense. For this last week the president has prepared a election marathon, up to four a day, in some cases. It includes Multi-state stops that he won without too much fuss in 2016, as Maine, Nebraska Y Arizona. A sign that he does not have them all with him, despite the confidence that he expresses daily in his victory. Their rallies continue to fill up to the flag, with complete disregard for him. pandemic rebound, which has broken infection records in recent days.

Quite the opposite of Biden, who continues to restrict public access to set an example and prevent his meetings from becoming sources of infection. The Democrat has not announced too many acts for this week, in line with the tone of his campaign, but will play the attack. This Tuesday will be in Georgia, a state that its rival won in 2016 by five percentage points.

Increased participation

In what does not seem to be many doubts is in the interest in democracy that these elections have awakened, which will be fundamentally a referendum on Trump. More of 62 million Americans have already voted in advance, representing about 45% of all votes cast in 2016. Experts believe that the largest turnout of the last century will be recorded, which could be around the 65% of the electorate. In Texas, for example, 82% of the votes from four years ago have already been cast. The question is who will benefit increased participation. The logic points to Biden, given that Trump has been unable during his first term to increase his electoral base, unless there is such a silent majority Conservatives continually talk about.

In last week’s debate, Biden may have given Trump an unexpected gift, when he said he hopes to pilot during his presidency a Energy “transition” to leave behind the Petroleum and the natural gas. The Republican has not stopped exploiting it since. And although his rival denies that he will ban the ‘fracking’ (hydraulic fracturing) to extract hydrocarbons, Trump’s message resonates with great force in states that depend on the fossil fuels, like Pennsylvania, Ohio or Texas. “He wants to bet on windmills made in Germany Y China”He said Monday in Pennsylvania. “Biden’s plan represents the death penalty for the energy sector of this state ”.

The Democrat insists that his bet on renewables It will create millions of well-paying jobs, but in the midst of the pandemic and with millions of Americans in the water, it is an act of faith that not many seem willing to accept in regions that depend on hydrocarbons.


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