Trump indicted for illegally keeping US nuclear secrets – charges revealed


Indicted, Trump kept nuclear secrets illegally

The indictment against the former US president was made public on Friday. We learn the number of charges against Donald Trump.


Donald Trump wants to run in the next presidential election.

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Donald Trump is targeted by 37 charges, in particular for “withholding information relating to national security” and “obstructing justice” in the White House archives caseaccording to the indictment made public on Friday.

The former Republican president, who had taken boxes of files when leaving Washington, is also accused of false testimony and of having agreed with his assistant Walt Nauta to conceal documents requested by the federal police.

nuclear secrets

US nuclear secrets are among the documents illegally kept by Donald Trump, according to the indictment. “The classified documents that Trump kept in boxes included information on the defense capabilities of the United States and foreign countries” and “on the nuclear programs” American, according to this document. Their potential “dissemination would have endangered the national security of the United States”, add the prosecutors.

The laws in the United States “are the same for everyone”, said Friday the federal special prosecutor Jack Smith, in charge of the case. The prosecutor clarified during a brief speech broadcast live that his services wanted a “quick trial”. Donald Trump has been indicted by federal justice for his management of the White House archives, a first for a former American president.

“They are trying to destroy his life”

Donald Trump said on Friday that a former personal assistant and possible leading witness in the case will also be charged by federal justice in the archival case. The former US president did not detail the charges against Walt Nauta, a military officer attached to the presidency during Donald Trump’s tenure before leaving the administration to continue working alongside him after his defeat in 2020.

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“I just learned that the Justice Department ‘thugs’ are going to indict Walt Nauta, a wonderful man,” Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social network. “They are trying to destroy his life, like the lives of so many others, hoping he will say bad things about ‘Trump’,” he added.

According to ABC News, Walt Nauta was indicted by the same grand jury — a panel of citizens with broad investigative powers that works alongside prosecutors — that indicted Donald Trump. The charges against Walt Nauta are not known. According to the “Washington Post”, Walt Nauta is a “essential witness” in the federal investigation led by special prosecutor Jack Smith which led to the indictment of the former president.

Biden is unaware

US President Joe Biden assured Friday that he would not be in contact with Justice Minister Merrick Garland about the historic indictment of his predecessor Donald Trump in the case of the secret documents that the latter had kept.

“I haven’t spoken to him at all and I won’t speak to him. And I have no comment on that,” he told a reporter who questioned him about it. Supporters of the former Republican president accuse Joe Biden of instrumentalizing justice before the 2024 presidential election, which could see the two men face each other again.

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