Trump impeachment witness advises Zelenskiy on his entourage

“Every time I come to Ukraine, I am pleased to see that the country is constantly moving forward in very difficult conditions during the war. Zelensky came to power without experience, it is very difficult, it is imperative that people have experienced assistants and advisers. At first I saw such people with him, but now it is difficult to understand whether there are still such people left, “he said.

A native of Ukraine gave advice to Zelensky.

“My advice is not to create a narrow circle around you, where loyalty is of the greatest importance. We need experienced people who know their job, want to help the country.

According to him, the United States is constantly talking about the need for reforms and the fight against corruption, but “so far the state of Ukraine is not fulfilling its obligations to citizens.”

“The people have already taken to the streets several times and tried to achieve something. But there are still oligarchs who work for themselves. There are officials who think only of themselves. And where are the patriots who work for the country? that we have a lot of them in the US. It would be nice to see it here, “- explained Vindman.


Vindman was born in the Ukrainian SSR in 1975, his mother died in 1979, and his father with three sons and mother-in-law emigrated to the United States. Windman speaks Ukrainian.



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