Trump gives green light to transfer of power, but says he will keep fighting

The government service simply couldn’t wait any longer, says correspondent Erik Mouthaan.

“It was starting to get a little weird, but with both Georgia and Michigan saying that Biden really is the winner in their state, the Trump-appointed official can’t help but admit that Biden won,” Mouthaan explains.

CNN was the first to report on the letter sent by the General Services Administration (GSA) official yesterday.

This letter is the first step in a transfer of power from Trump to Biden. The official who signed the letter, Emily Murphy, waited more than two weeks after the election results to send the letter.


According to Murphy, it took so long because “the facts have to be established first.” According to Murphy, it is not because of pressure from the White House that it took so long for a transfer of power to be initiated.

Trump enrolls a tweet that the battle over the election results continues and he “thinks he will be victorious.” In the meantime, the president has ordered ‘Emily and her team’ to initiate the transfer of power with ‘initial protocols’.

“The remarkable thing about Trump’s response is that he still doesn’t admit that Biden won, he even says his fight will continue,” Mouthaan said. “But that fight has become a lot more difficult. The president has been calling for weeks without providing any evidence that there has been widespread fraud.”

Admit loss

Even Republican leaders in the states he’s talking about now say none of that is true. “We will now see if more Republicans dare to call on the president to really admit his loss,” Mouthaan said.

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Biden’s transition team says it will soon schedule meetings between the incoming president and officials about the corona approach and national security. So far, Biden has had to rely on unofficial briefings and has no access to classified information. The team calls the GSA’s decision “a crucial event” for a smooth and peaceful transfer of power.

Green light

The GSA’s green light for the transfer of power is of tremendous practical importance to Biden. The service should give the election winner’s team access to essentials such as office space, equipment and money to pay for salaries.

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