Trump excludes companies that relocate production to China from federal contracts – Americas

The American president indicated on Monday that the White House will ban federal contracts with companies that relocate production to China or that resort to “outsourcing” to that country.

At a press conference on the Labor Day holiday, Donald Trump said that soon companies that have moved production or other operations to China will be “banned” from federal contracts.

Last month, the President of the United States had promised significant tax credits to American companies that abandoned operations in China and replaced them in the United States.

Additionally, Trump defended this Monday that the US could completely decouple (decoupling) from China without suffering monetary losses.

“We lost billions of dollars and if we didn’t do business with them [a China] we would not lose billions of dollars. It’s called decoupling and we can start thinking about it “, he said.

Moving forward, this decoupling would place the world‘s two largest economies with their backs turned.


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