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Georgia, which has historically been a bastion for Republicans, was won by Joe Biden with a preponderance of just over 12,000 votes. The margin was so small after the first machine count, that hand counting was initiated.

The count showed that there were some errors in the first round, and Biden’s advantage was then reduced from 14,000 to 12,670 votes.

Georgia’s electoral authorities and the state’s governor, Republican Brad Kemp, formally approved the election result Friday. Thus, the 16 voters from the state went to Joe Biden.

But since the margin was only 0.25 percent, the losing party has the right to demand another recount. This third round will be done with counting machines.

The formal inquiry into this was received in Georgia on Saturday night.

Lawsuits Rejected in Pennsylvania

At the same time as this happened, the Trump campaign got a cold shower in Pennsylvania.

A federal judge on Saturday rejected a lawsuit from Trump’s lawyers, who wanted to throw out millions of postal votes and set aside the election result.

In the court decision from judge Matthew Brann, he says straight out that the lawsuit is unfounded. He calls the debts “speculative”.

CRUSHING: Matthew Brann is himself a Republican and has delivered a crushing characteristic of the Trump campaign’s lawsuit.

Foto: Mark Nance / AP / NTB

– It is not up to a court to break the constitution, the judge writes about the basis for the lawsuit.

The court decision is off CNN referred to as «humiliating».

– In the USA, it is not fair to take the right to vote from a single voter, and not at all from all the voters in the state with the sixth highest population. Our people, our laws and our institutions demand more, writes the judge, who is himself a Republican.

30. legal loss for Trump

This lawsuit was the last of those filed by the Trump campaign, which was large enough to have a majority in a state.

Follow CNN is lost on Saturday at least the 30th time that Trump’s lawyers have lost or filed a lawsuit over the election result.

In only two cases have they won, and in those cases there have been very few votes.

Biden’s margin of victory in Pennsylvania was over 81,000 votes.


After the lawsuit was rejected, Pennsylvania congratulated its Republican senator, Pat Tooney, Joe Biden on the election victory in the state.

Pat Tooney

Republican Pat Tooney congratulated Joe Biden on the victory in Pennsylvania.

Foto: Alex Brandon / AP/NTB

Thus, Biden has secured 20 voters from Pennsylvania when only a few state results are missing.

So far, Biden leads Trump with 306 against 232 voters. That’s enough to secure the winner. Elections from all states will hold the formal presidential election in December.

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