Trump declares that he has signed an order on the protection of monuments

ASV the president Donalds Tramps On Friday, he announced on Twitter that he had signed an executive order to protect monuments, memorials and statues, and called for the detention of protesters who this week tried to overthrow the statue of former President Andrew Jackson at the White House.

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Trump retreader the FBI would look for a poster of people with photos of 15 protesters being searched for “vandalism against federal property.”

“Lots of people in custody, many more are being sought for vandalism against federal property in Lafayette Park. 10 years in prison!” wrote Tramps.

Trump then announced the signing of an executive order, which he had promised to do this week. He called the order “strong” but had not yet made its text public.

Trump also said on Twitter that he had abandoned plans to spend the weekend at his home in New Jersey and would remain in Washington “to ensure law and order.”

“These arsonists, anarchists, robbers and agitators have been largely stopped,” Twump tweeted. “I am doing what is necessary to keep our society safe, and these people will be brought to justice!”

Protesters tried to overthrow the Andrew Jackson statue with ropes and chains on Monday night, but police drove them away and closed Lafayette Park.

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