Trump Contradicts CDC Director, Says Mask Is Not As Important As Vaccine | Univision Salud News

The United States, England, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and Japan are part of a select group of first world powers that have already made agreements to receive 2.7 billion coronavirus vaccines, which is 51% of all the doses that would be available in about months.

So affirms it a report published this Wednesday by the non-profit organization Oxfam, which claims that only 13% of the world‘s population lives in these nations, including those that make up the powerful European Union.

“Access to a life-saving vaccine shouldn’t depend on where you live or how much money you have,” Robert Silverman, an Oxfam representative in the United States, said in a statement.

This organization reported that the rest of the 2.5 billion vaccines have already been purchased by developing countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Bangladesh and China.

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