Trump consultant for covid-19 says there was an ″ spreader ″ event at the White House

The scientist says there was a ceremony at the White House on September 26, which he described as a “highly spreading” event of the disease and suspected to be the cause of the infection of several guests with covid-19.

Asked about the effectiveness of the masks, after several guests tested positive for the new coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, director of the United States National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, replied that “the data speaks for itself”. The expert became one of the faces of the White House and also a consultant to Donald Trump during press conferences on the covid-19 pandemic in the U.S.

“We had a highly propagative event at the White House, where people were close to each other and didn’t wear a mask,” he pointed out on CBS radio.

More than 30 people are suspected of being infected during the ceremony organized for the nomination of Donald Trump’s candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump throws confusion

The words of the American president congratulating himself for overcoming the covid-19, thanks to an experimental treatment that he described as “cure”, can cause “a lot of confusion”, considered Fauci. “It depends a lot on what you mean by medicine, because that word causes a lot of confusion”.

The doctor explained that there are “good treatments for people hospitalized with severe illnesses” and listed different drugs already tested on thousands of patients, such as antiviral remdesivir and corticosteroid dexamethasone, which were prescribed to the American president, but he showed reservations about to synthetic antibody treatments like the one developed by the Regeneron lab and widely praised by Donald Trump.


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